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"My order was exact and I was very pleased with the quality. The quality of MatShop's products is one of the factors that keeps my business with MatShop.
Zoe has always been the one to help me. She is very knowledgeable in her services and is prompt with any inquiries I have had. With my very first order, which in which I had a mix-up, Zoe was very helpful in helping me and very professional."

Chrissy, Dauphin, MB

Framers Tape 11 - Archival

Professional and Archival Framers Tape 2 is suitable for a variety of tasks including hinging, mounting and sealing Color - White Size: 1" Wide x 60 Yards

( MatShop )
Number rolls in packaging:1
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Framers Tape 2 hinging tape is stronger and thinner than linen or paper tapes. "Archival grade" adhesive contains nothing to harm your mats or artwork. The moisture proof, non-porous film backing remains stable. Reversed with minimal heat from most surfaces, leaving the article in its original state.

This is a good universal tape for a variety of framing tasks including hinging your artwork, sealing backs of frames, mounting etc.  Leaves no residue, is easy to use and can be reversed.

Width: 1"   x  60 Yards
Color: White

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