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"I've ordered several times from the MatShop now and have never had any issues... the first order I ever made I messed up on the opening size for my mats. Someone caught the mistake and phoned to alert me. I was very grateful that I didn't end up with a bunch of useless mats! The website is easy to navigate and ordering has never been a hassle like it is with so many other online shops. The orders are always received in good time."

Roberta Murray, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta (website)


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16 x 20 HV Double Mats

8x10 Clip Frame

11 x 14 HV Single Mats

12x16 Poly Bags

Fits 12 x 16 outside dimensions. Actual Bag size is 12 7/16" x 16 1/4" 
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16 x 20 HV Single Mats

8x10 Poly Bags

Made for 8x10 mats. Fits 8 x 10 outside dimensions. Actual Bag size is 8 7/16" x 10 1/4" 
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8 15/16 x11 1/4 Poly Bags

NEW SIZE! Designed for 8 1/2" x 11" mats. Bag size available: 8 15/16" x 11 1/4" 
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8 x 10 Frame Set

Each frame set includes:

  • (1) Frame shell (hardware included).
  • (1) Essentials double mat. Choice of colors and reveal.
  • (1) 2mm Glass
  • (1) White cardboard backing

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  • 8 1/2x11 Clip Frame

    18x24 Poly Bags

    Made for 18x24 mats. Fits 18" x 24" outside dimension Actual Bag size is 18 7/16" x 24 1/4". 
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    12x16 HV Double Mats

    11 x 14 HV Double Mats

    5x7 Clip Frame

    Glazier's Points

    All you need is a flat end screw driver to push these points into the back of your frame after you have inserted your glass, mats, artwork and backing. Allows for varied thicknesses of materials in wood or synthetic wood frames versus the "pre-installed" 
    Product Details...

    Acid-Free Tape - Filmoplast P 90

    Neschen filmoplast P 90 is designed for archival framing. It is buffered with calcium carbonate to neutralize acids during aging. Adhesive is water soluble. 1 roll = 50m x 2mm (164' x 3/4"). 
    Product Details...

    16x20 Poly Bags

    Made for 16x20 mats. Fits 16" x 20" outside dimension Actual Bag size is 16 7/16" x 20 1/8". 
    Product Details...

    4x6 Clip Frame

    5x7 Poly Bags

    Made for 5x7 mats. Bag sizes available: 5 7/16 x 7 1/4 
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    12x16 HV Single Mats

    8 x 10 HV Single Mats

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    Results 1 - 20 of 612
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