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Plexi glass Information

Plexi glass Information

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Acrylic / Plexi glass supplies are perfect for many matting and framing uses. They are custom cut to your size.

Acrylic Glazing - What is it?

  • Acrylic is cast polymethyl methacrylate -- a type of plastic.
  • It is marketed by several companies under different trade names.
    • The most common trade name is "Plexiglas┬«" This is a trade name owned by the Rohm and Haas Company.
  • Can be regular or non-glare. We only supply regular.
  • We supply clear acrylic in two thicknesses:
    • approx. 1 mm. (.040 inch)
    • 3 mm (approx. 1/8 inch)
  • supplied with a thin removable film on both sides for protection.
  • We do not supply acrylic/plexi frames.

Please Note:

  1. MatShop supplies 2mm glass and 1 or 3 mm acrylic for frames 11 x 14 and smaller. Above this size, we supply only 1 or 3 mm acrylic.
  2. Plexi-glass is available on its own, separate from framing & matting.

Unfortunately, we do not Sell:

  • Non-glare Plexi glass
  • Colored Plexi glass
  • Acrylic / Plexi glass frames
  • Sheets larger than 24" x 36"

... And we do not:

  • Make plexiglass boxes, displays, etc.
  • Drill holes, bend or mold plexi

Advantages and Disadvantages over Glass

Advantages over glass

  • much more shatter resistant.
  • 3 mm is about 50% lighter than glass.
  • 1 mm is about 80% lighter than glass.
  • shipping costs much lower due to light weight.
  • has considerable UV protection properties. Provides some conservation protection to mats and images.
  • much less expensive than glass with UV protection properties.
  • much easier to transport than glass.
  • ideal for those who ship artwork.
  • much safer to work with and hang.

Disadvantages compared to glass

  • the 3 mm is more expensive.
  • prone to scratching if not used properly.
  • somewhat more difficult to clean.
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