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How to... Assemble Aluminum Metal Frames

Assembling regular aluminum frames.

Metal frames are easy to assemble...

Joining Corners ~ Figure 1

Figure 1
  1. Turn the frame parts upside down on a table.
  2. The top plate has 2 screws. Place the top plate on top of the bottom plate, and insert both into the slots in the bottom of the frame.
  3. Tighten the screws just to the point of being almost snug.

Assembling the Frames ~ Figure 2

  1. Take a shorter piece and join it to one of the longer pieces.
  2. Take the other long piece and join it to the assembly.
    You should now have the assembled frame looking like that of Figure 2.
  3. Insert the glass, image, backing and mat package into the frame, upside down.
  4. Insert the bottom and top plates into the last frame piece.
  5. Join the last piece to complete the frame. Tighten the screws to the point of being almost snug.
  6. Turn the whole frame over very carefully, as the frame parts may slip apart. Check for specks between the mat and glass, and for other problems.
  7. Figure 2
  8. Turn the unit over once again, and tighten the screw carefully. Be sure to hold the corners together tightly to prevent gaps.
  9. Insert the springs, starting about 3 inches from each corner. The "feet" of the springs should be against the back of the frame, and the "hump of the spring against the backing. Note: If you are using foamcore or similar backing, the package will fit snug and the springs may not be necessary.
  10. Insert the two wire "snap" hangers. They should be placed about one third of the way down the frame from the top. Hold the circle, place 90 degree to frame, push tips inside frame and push down until you hear a loud snap (see figures 3 and 4).
    Aluminum Metal Picture Frames -- attaching a snap hanger - photo 1Aluminum Metal Picture Frames -- attaching a snap hanger - photo 2
  11. Note in the first picture above, the wire loops through the hanger TWICE. Then pull the loop tight, and twist the excess wire around the main wire.
  12. Insert the other end of the wire through the second hanger. Pull the wire towards the top of the frame until it is 1 inch below the top. Then loop the wire through the hanger as you did on the first one and twist it. Cut off the excess wire.
  13. Tack the round bumpers to the bottom corners only. This will prevent the frame from marking the walls.
  14. Turn the frame around and take a moment to enjoy your creation.


  1. Frames occasionally receive surface abrasions by rubbing against each other etc. These are not usually noticeable, but black brings out every imperfection. Rub the surface with some metal polish (car wax will do) and the mark should come out.
  2. Metal frames are best cut with a 100 tooth bymetal saw.
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