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How to be Successful Selling Art Reproductions

Many artists sell reproductions – prints of their paintings, but many more have stacks of these in their basement – unsold and gathering dust.

What is the difference between success and failure?

Successful reproduction artists follow six simple tips that can help make that difference.

  1. They reproduce consistently. That is, they don't do a whole bunch of reproductions and then stop. They consistently release good reproductions of their best work on a regular basis. The current availability of Giclee reproduction technology has made this much more accessible and achievable for most artists.
  2. They know their market. Not everything you paint will sell as a reproduction. You must seriously respond to people's comments and ask them - if I print this, will you buy one? Then tally the results.
  3. They have exposure to a variety of people. Don't just stop at family and friends - you must have a large sampling of people who comment positively on wanting one of your prints or you may only have a limited market.
  4. They have a style that is recognizable and distinct. In order to succeed over the long haul - successful artists have a reproduction style that is recognizable by their collectors and distinct. It does not mean you don't paint anything you want - but what you reproduce needs to generally fit this category. People like to collect and they like to collect more of what they bought before.
  5. They price reasonably and are not influenced by other's success. You must price for your market, your reproductions and increase prices on demand. Don't let the market for other artist's work unduly influence you.
  6. They have a method of distribution and sale. Whether it is a spouse, publisher, the internet, a gallery or shows - you must have an outlet if this is to be a business.

This is by no means a complete list, but following these tips will ensure that you have the basis for success.

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